Spiti Valley – The Best Time To Visit & Places To Explore


Spiti Valley - The Best Time To Visit & Places To Explore

By Sakshi Rane

  • The journey is even more beautiful than the destination’- and this is what Spiti Valley offers. Spiti is a picturesque valley in Himachal Pradesh, India. Spiti is known as ‘the middle land’ as it separates India from Tibet. This mesmerizing valley is home to the snow-capped mountains and is one of the coldest places in India. If you want to experience the magical vibe of Spiti valley, then consider the following places to explore:

    • Key Monastery

    Himachal Pradesh is home to many monasteries, Key Monastery is the oldest one. It is a famous Tibetan Buddhist monastery which is located at an altitude of 4,166 m above sea level. It enshrines the stunning Buddha shrine along with ancient manuscripts, books and murals. 

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    • Chandratal Lake

    Chandratal Lake is a must-visit attraction in Spiti valley. It is known as the ‘Lake of the Moon’. The lake is crescent-shaped and its colour keeps changing as the day progresses. It is surrounded by greenery and snow-capped mountains that makes it an ideal camping and trekking destination.

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    • Kaza

    Kaza is the capital and main town of Spiti Valley. It is a town filled with tranquility and serenity. It is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, streams, rivers and has a picturesque landscape. Kaza literally has everything from beautiful monasteries, mesmerizing lakes and quaint hamlets. So don’t forget to visit this town when traveling to Spiti.

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    • Tabo Monastery

    Tabo monastery is known as “Ajanta of Himalayas”. The key attractions of the monastery are the multiple stupas and has temples dedicated to Tara and Maitreya Buddha. The walls of the monastery are adorned with ancient paintings, murals, statues and frescos. Tabo monastery is a historically significant site and hence is under the Archeological Survey of India. 

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    • Kunzum Pass

    Kunzum pass is located at 4,590 m and is a gateway to Spiti valley via Kullu and Lahaul. It is the source of Spiti river and is one of the highest motorable mountain passes in India. The pass offers spectacular views of Bara-Shigri glacier. It houses a temple dedicated to goddess Kunzum devi. Visitors stop by the temple and seek blessings of the goddess. 

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    • Pin Valley National Park

    Pin Valley National Park is India’s highest cold valley national park. The national park is home to more than 20 species of flora and fauna.  It is a habitat of endangered animals like snow leopard and Siberian fox. It is famous for its trek. Pin Valley National Park is a must-visit if you are a nature enthusiast. 

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    • Nako

    Nako is a picturesque village which is surrounded by lush greenery. The village offers breath-taking places to explore such as Nako Lake and Nako Monastery. Visitors are excited at the lake by the milky water of the waterfall. The willow and poplar trees surrounding the lake adds to the beauty of the location. Nako monastery is situated by the Nako lake and houses several idols and stupas. The wall is decorated with beautiful paintings. 

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    • Chicham Bridge

    Chicham Bridge is the highest hanging bridge in Asia and is located above 13,780 ft above sea level. It was built for connecting the villages- Kibber and Chicham. The view from the bridge is spectacular. You can explore Chicham village and Chandratal lake easily from here. 

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    • Gue Monastery

    Gue monastery is located in Gue village. It is well-known for a 500 year old mummy of a Buddhist monk. It is believed that he started his mummification while he was still alive. The monastery is situated near the Indo Tibetan border and is surrounded by mountains on all sides. 

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    •  Suicide Point

    Located 3 kms from Kalpa, Suicide point is famous for its intriguing trench and amazing atmosphere. A walk to the suicide point takes you through the sight of apple orchards. You can spend some time here to click instagram worthy photos. 

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    • Dhankar Monastery

    Dhankar monastery, also known as Dhangkar Gompa is the main center of Buddhist culture. It is listed as one of the 100 most endangered monuments in the world. The major attraction here is the Vairochana statue. The wall of the monastery is decorated with Thangka paintings. The monastery also houses a small museum with scriptures and murals. 

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    •  Hikkim, Komic & Langza

    Hikkim, Komic and Langza are three beautiful villages that you can visit from Kaza. Hikkim is a village well-known for the world’s highest post office. You can send letters to your loved ones from here. Komic is the world’s highest village. It is a quaint and ideal location for a rejuvenating holiday. Langza, also known as fossil village, is a picturesque village known for ancient monasteries and prehistoric buildings. Here you can visit the iconic Budhha statue overlooking the Spiti valley.

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    Best time to Visit : 

    If you want to experience pleasant weather then summer months March-June are considered to be the best. 

    If you are looking for a perfect winter holiday then October-February are the months for you. 

    So what are you waiting for? To experience a fascinating trip to Spiti Valley, join The Bucketlister.

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