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in Bir and you crave South Indian food, the only cafe that you should visit is Avva’s. Here, they serve authentic South Indian cuisine that is worth every penny. The cafe has a soothing ambience and is not work-cation friendly. They have both indoor and outdoor Bir is a small village in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is known as the “Paragliding Capital of India.” It is one of the coolest offbeat locations in Himachal and is adored by travelers who seek comfort and adventure. Apart from being famous for paragliding activity, Bir is home to some of the cozy and chic cafes that you will definitely love!

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Given below are 6 best cafes that you should not miss: 

  • Avva’s Cafe


When you are sittings. You can enjoy their idlis, crisp dosas and sambar. They serve a welcome drink known as Rasam and Chana which is on the house. 


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  • The Northern Cafe


Wish to spend quality time with your family and friends? Then, Northern Cafe is a perfect place. It is located above the paragliding site with a view of Dhauladhar ranges. The cafe offers a great ambience, peaceful sunset and delicious Himachali cuisine. Its local architecture combined with a bonfire in the evenings makes it a memorable experience.


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  • Garden Cafe


Garden Cafe is one of the oldest cafes in Bir. It is set up in a garden and is full of aesthetics with bougainvillea shrubs. The cafe offers both indoor as well as outdoor sitting. It has a WiFi facility and hence makes it a suitable place to work from. Visit the cafe to relax and to get some instagrammable photos. 


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  • June 16 Cafe


If you are looking for a small and cozy cafe then you should consider visiting June 16 Cafe. It is located on the Paragliding Road and offers amazing views of the valley ahead. It has a WiFi facility and hence is a work friendly cafe. The cafe offers a tasty menu. Hot chocolate, brownies and cakes are some of the delicious offerings here. 


 Photo by Arnav Mathur


  1. Silver Linings Cafe


Silver Linings is a cafe located in Suja village, beyond the paragliding landing site. It is made up of mud and wood which gives this cafe a calm and relaxed vibe. It is known for its ambience, coffee and desserts. The cafe offers WiFi service and makes it a desirable place to work from. It is popular for its banoffee pie, iced tea and lentil burger. Silver Linings is the best option when it comes to Vegan people as it is fully vegetarian. 


 Photo by Arnav Mathur


  1. Vairagi Cafe


Vairagi Cafe is situated near the landing site. It is known for its North Indian Cuisine. It is a great place for having light snacks like sandwiches, momos and hotdogs. If you want to explore cafes at night then, Vairagi is the one for you as most of the time it is open late night too. Here you can replenish yourself with the 

Live music and delicious food. 


 Photo by Rachita Saxena


Make sure to add these cafes in your bucket list before your next trip!


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